Seminar — Jon Patrick

Speaker: Jon Patrick, Chair of Language Technology, University of Sydney
Title: Computer Science as a Cornerstone in e-Science and other e-Disciplines
Date: Wednesday 9 January 2008 at 12:00
Location: MIB building, LG.010

E-Science is conceived of as a revolution in the way we conduct Science by exploiting the use of ICT to connect scientists to share knowledge. However the role and experience of the computer science discipline has not been identified as a contributor to setting up an e-science infrastructure and hence it has deficits so significant that it will be at best be a success only for the most aggressive and ICT literate scientists and leave most of science on the sidelines.

Computer Science brings to the task of creating an e-Science revolution two important knowledge bases: software engineering and machine learning. The first is needed to build the e-science environment so that it runs efficiently and satisfies all-comers. The second is needed so that scientists can explore their data with a rich world of tools, freely available. A model for the operations of e-Science built around the expertises of computer scientists is discussed.

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