FinNLP-FNP-LLMFinLegal @ COLING-2025 - Call for papers


We are excited to announce that the upcoming workshop in 2025, the Joint Workshop of the 9th Financial Technology and Natural Language Processing (FinNLP), the 6th Financial Narrative Processing (FNP), and the 1st Workshop on Large Language Models for Finance and Legal (LLMFinLegal) will be held in conjunction with COLING-2025 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on January 19-20, 2025. The two-day workshop will gathering different groups interested in financial NLP.

For our main track, we are inviting submissions for both long and short papers, as well as demonstrations. The proceedings of accepted papers will be published in the ACL Anthology.

We invite submissions on methods, theories, applications, and systems on artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing & understanding, big data, statistical learning, data analytics, and deep learning, with a focus on knowledge discovery in the financial services domain. The scope of the workshop includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Language modelling on financial corpora, including tabular and numerical data, and multi-modal modelling
  • Graph representation learning and mining on financial data
  • Multi-source knowledge integration and fusion
  • Synthetic and genuine financial datasets and benchmarks
  • Transfer learning applications for financial data
  • Financial search and question answering systems
  • Event discovery and impact on organisational equity price
  • ESG event discovery, evaluation, and impact assessment
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Cross-disciplinary LLM-based methodologies for financial and legal domains
  • Applications of LLMs in financial auditing and regulatory reporting
  • Ethical implications and bias mitigation in AI applications
  • Hallucination mitigation and evaluation in LLMs
  • Privacy concerns and data protection strategies
  • Enhancing interpretability and explainability of LLM models
  • Responsible AI practices and governance
  • Methods, evaluation metrics, benchmarks, and datasets for LLMs in finance and law
The workshop will feature six shared tasks:
  1. Database Querying and Reasoning (Fin-DBQA)
  2. Earnings Conference Call Insight Generation (InsightGen)
  3. Financial Causality Detection (FinCausal 2025)
  4. Agent-based Single Cryptocurrency Trading
  5. Financial Misinformation Detection
  6. Regulations Challenge

Important dates

Submission Deadline: December 3rd, 2024

Paper Notification: December 15th, 2024

Camera-Ready Deadline: December 20th, 2024

FinNLP-FNP-LLMFinLegal-2024: Jan 19-20, 2025 (Two-Day Workshop)

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