Seminar - Prof. Ray Larson

Speaker: Prof. Ray Larson (School of Information, University of California, Berkeley)
Title: Metadata as Infrastructure for Information Retrieval and Text Mining
Date: 2pm, 31st March, 2006
Location: Lecture Theatre E7, Renold Building (building 8 on the campus map)
Abstract: The traditional role of metadata in information systems has been to provide a description of the information resources available in the system. But metadata can also constitute a form of infrastructure for access to networked resources, and a rich resource in itself. Metadata abstracted from single information systems can be viewed as the "glue" that can bind different information resources together.

This presentation will discuss our current work at Berkeley in developing a formal structure for the facets of What,Where, When, and Who, that will constitute a metadata infrastructure intended to provide for the digital library environment the kind of services and resources long provided in library reference collections.

We will examine how a metadata infrastructure composed of the different ontologies and controlled vocabularies used in information systems can be exploited, combined and mined to provide search access to uncontrolled information resources (providing support for the kinds of "faceted search" becoming popular in the WWW environment). We will also examine how this metadata infrastructure can be used to guide mining and tagging of uncontrolled information resources.

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