Participation in panel session on improving uptake of text and data mining in the EU


Prof Sophia Ananiadou, Director of NaCTeM, will act participate in an expert panel in a workshop entitled Improving Uptake of Text and Data Mining in the EU to be held on September 27th, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

The FutureTDM project seeks to improve uptake of text and data mining (TDM) in the EU by actively engaging with stakeholders such as researchers, developers, publishers and SMEs. September 2016 marks the half-way point for this two year project and to inform people about our progress, the first FutureTDM workshop will be held in Brussels. Information gathered so far from the project’s EU-wide road show of knowledge cafes will be presented, along with project reports, to give an idea of the current TDM landscape in the EU – the legal, economic and research environment. In the second half of the workshop, invited experts will discuss the identified emerging factors which are significant barriers to TDM in the EU and what we can do to address them. The workshop is a reflection of the two core themes of the project; stakeholder inclusion and expert analysis.

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