Second AMICUS Workshop - Call for Papers


Second AMICUS Workshop

Motifs in Cultural and Scientific Narratives
Submission deadline: May 31, 2011

The 2nd AMICUS Workshop investigates the potential of a motif - as a metaphor for formulaic knowledge structures, and a complex expression of semantic content - applied to narrative discourse in literature, fairytales, and scientific text. There is a wealth of ongoing research, aimed at creating knowledge schemes to encode higher-order content agglomerates which are semantically interpretable both by humans and machines. Without a doubt, advanced subject access in digital repositories would greatly benefit from the isolation and application of indexing expressions above the term level: keyword search only gets a user so far. For example, a folktale researcher would prefer to send queries to the library database that contain tale motifs and types; a scientist would like to look for claims, and data events, rather than simply enter entity queries.

Alleviating this problem, to contribute to advanced semantic indexing and content representation, calls for methodological, structural, and conceptual cross-fertilization from several disciplines. In particular, cross-domain fertilization between narrative study applied in the humanities and in scientific discourse analysis might lead to significant advances in both application areas. To this end, a broad community of scholars including curators, developers, and users of digital repositories working at the intersection of the Digital Libraries, Digital Humanities, and Human Language Technology fields are invited to investigate motifs in cultural and scientific narratives, including, but not limited to, rhetorical and discipline-based perspectives on discourse analysis and narrative and rhetorical structures.

Venue and date

The 2nd AMICUS Workshop will be held as a one-day event at the International Conference on Integrated Information, IC-ININFO 2011 (September 29 - October 3, 2011), on the island of Kos, Greece. IC-ININFO 2011 will bring together leading academics and practitioners in the emergent field of Integrated Information to discuss the state of the art but also the future of the field in one forum.


The AMICUS network, which runs from 2009 to 2012, aims to gather a research community to test computational approaches that connect, cross-fertilize, and resolve these issues, starting with the identification of Proppian functions in folk tale corpora and adapting methodological means and solutions to functional counterparts of these in other genres. The project links the domains of cultural heritage (CH) and scientific communication (SC, i.e. scholarly publishing) by focusing on their common need of processing texts for automated, large-scale higher-order text analytics, rising to an advanced level of text understanding, and enabling the extraction of structured knowledge from weakly structured text.

Objectives, audience and outcomes

This year's AMICUS (Automated Motif Discovery in Cultural Heritage and Scientific Communication Texts) workshop aims to reach a broader community of scholars working at the intersection of fields of Digital Libraries, Digital Humanities, and Human Language Technology, including curators, developers and users of digital repositories. By investigating how the combination of morpho-syntactic and semantic elements convey motifs in texts from the CH and SC domains, several important technological aspects of this complex issue will be exposed with the aim to be worked out.

Topics of interest include:
  • Sublanguages expressing narrative knowledge structures/motifs
  • Detection and representation of narrative components and networks
  • Knowledge structures/motifs in cultural and scientific text
  • Development of narrative ontologies and schemes
  • Narrative metadata as sublanguage components
  • Computational models and sublanguages for cultural and scientific texts
  • User studies, technical development, and curation issues pertaining to all of the above

Two types of submissions are invited:

  • Research papers by participants who are currently conducting text analysis and/or resource development pertaining to motifs, sublanguages, or similar knowledge structures will be invited to present their work, augmented by a clear motivation for enhanced indexing and modeling of, or access to, cultural heritage or scientific texts.
  • Vision papers, by participants who wish to either compare, contrast, or port existing efforts to specific user goals or domains.

Submissions will be evaluated by the Program Committee in a double-blind reviewing process.

Paper templates and online submission details are available from the IC-ININFO website. Select the AMICUS session and upload your paper.

Important Dates

May 31, 2011 Paper submission deadline
June 30, 2011 Acceptance notification
July 15, 2011 Early registration deadline, special accommodation prices can be obtained until this date

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