The Future European Multilingual Information Society - Call for Discussion


One of the aims of META-NET is to produce a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for Europe's Language Technology landscape. The agenda will contain high level recommendations, ideas for visionary LT-based applications and suggestions for joint actions to be presented to the EC and national as well as regional bodies.

A "visioning" phase (META-VISION) is currently ongoing, the participation in which is open to all via the online discussion forum.

The current state of the META-VISION process is reported in a new document entitled The Future European Multilingual Information Society. This document is joint work by roughly 100 representatives of the European and also international Language Technology landscape.

Feedback on this document, together with discussion and new ideas are stongly encouraged in the online discussion forum.

Please help us in building a vision for a multilingual Europe that is able to overcome remaining cultural, economic, linguistic, political, and social challenges with the aid of Language Technology.

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