Improved acronym disambiguation - release of updated software service and paper


The ultimate goal of abbreviation management is to disambiguate every occurrence of an abbreviation into its expanded form (concept or sense).

To collect expanded forms for abbreviations, previous studies have recognized abbreviations and their expanded forms in parenthetical expressions of bio-medical texts. However, expanded forms extracted by abbreviation recognition are mixtures of concepts/senses and their term variations. A sense inventory, in which expanded forms are clustered into senses, constitutes a key resource to provide possible concepts or senses for abbreviation disambiguation.

The sense inventory is available at and the acronym disamiguator is available at

The paper presents a machine learning approach to the automatic clustering of terms, and evaluates the performance of the resulting sense inventory in an experiment of acronym disambiguation.

Okazaki, N., Ananiadou, S., Tsujii, J. (2010) Building a High Quality Sense Inventory for Improved Abbreviation Disambiguation. Bioinformatics, Oxford University Press.

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