Seminar - Dr Simone Teufel

Speaker: Dr Simone Teufel, University of Cambridge
Title: e-Chemistry and citations
Date: January 26, 2007 at 13:00
Location: MIB building, LG0.10
Abstract: When authors cite previous work in a scientific paper, they use their judgement of the relative imporantance and relatedness of papers in the field. Many information-access applications in e-science can profit from mining the information contained in this judgement. I will describe the
citation-interpreting aspect of two related EPSRC-funded projects at Cambridge University (CitRAZ and SciBorg). The context around citations is expressed in the form of semantic representations (RMRS), anaphora resolution is performed, and citations are classified on the basis of the rhetorical function they fulfil in the context of the overall argumentation in the paper. I will give preliminary results of this processing, particularly in the light of differences between the scientific domains we work with (computational linguistics and chemistry).

Slides [PDF]