Seminar — Martin Krallinger

Speaker: Martin Krallinger, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas, Madrid.
Title: The second BioCreative Protein Interaction task: evaluating the automatic Extraction of Protein Interactions from the Literature

To provide useful tools that assist biologists in extracting biological annotations from the literature, several aspects are of importance. A crucial point here is the detection of articles relevant for a given annotation type. In case of protein interactions, the subsequent correct identification and association of mentioned interactor proteins to their corresponding database entries (e.g. SwissProt records) is crucial. Here, not only the individual interactors but also the correct binary interaction pair needs to be extracted. Biological annotations of protein interactions are associated to qualitative information in the sense of the interaction detection experiments, which have been carried out to characterize a given interaction. Finally, for human interpretation, textual passages, which summarize the mentioned interaction, are relevant for efficient curation. All these aspects have been addressed in the Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) task of the Second BioCreative challenge evaluation.