Seminar - Prof. Rob Gaizauskas

Speaker: Dr. Rob Gaizauskas (Natural Language Processing Group, Department of Computer Science, University of SheffieldUniversity of Sheffield)
Title: Assigning Gene Ontology Labels to Medline Abstracts
Date: 2pm, 21st April, 2006
Location: C024, MSS Building, University of Manchester
Abstract: I describe work carried out in collaboration with Imperial College, London, to build GoTag, a system to assign labels from the Gene
Ontology to Medline abstracts automatically. The talk describes this task and task context, previous work in the area, the data sets we have used and issues in building gold standards for evaluation and the technologies we have developed to address the task, including a dictionary based approach, a vector space similarity approach and several machine learning methods. I conclude by describing and demonstrating a search tool which exploits the GO tagging capability to deliver ontology-structured search results to biologist end users.

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