Oscar4 allows easier use within U-Compare - presentation video available


OSCAR (Open Source Chemistry Analysis Routines) is an open source extensible system for the automated annotation of chemistry in scientific articles, developed by the Murray-Rust research group in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. It can be used to identify chemical names, reaction names, ontology terms, enzymes and chemical prefixes and adjectives.

The current version of OSCAR, OSCAR4, provides a core library that facilitates integration with other tools. Its simple to use API is modularised to promote extension into other domains and allows for its use within workflow systems, such as U-Compare.

At a launch event on 13th April 2011, BalaKrisha Kolluru from NaCTeM will give a talk entitled U-Compare, OSCAR and the number 42. A video of the talk can be accessed from the CheTA web page.

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