ASSERT - Work Packages (Version 12/02/2007)

Workpackage and Activity Deliverables Planned Start Date Planned End Date Actual End Date
Workpackage 1: Project Management
Objective: To co-ordinate and manage the work and day-to-day progress. To provide a communication medium between the centre and the funders. Consolidation of the project planning, control, progress reports, milestone reports, financial statements and budgetary overviews. Coordination with international partners and associated entities.   01/12/06 30/11/08 Ongoing
T1.1 Project Plan D1.1 Project Plan   31/05/06 22/05/06
T1.2 Final report on the project's achievements, findings, outcomes and messages to the JISC community D1.2 Final Project Report 01/10/08 30/11/08  
Work Package 2: Requirements Gathering and Evaluation
Objective: Test data gathering, requirements analysis by users, set up of evaluation methodology, creation of gold standard   01/12/06 31/10/08  
T2.1 Gathering test data for analysis D2.1 Test Data 01/12/06 31/03/07 14/12/06
T2.2 Setting up evaluation framework D2.2 Report 01/03/07 31/07/07  
T2.3 Creation of gold standard D2.3 Gold Standard 01/04/07 31/07/07  
T2.4 Final Report on Evaluation D2.4 Final Report on Evaluation 01/09/08 31/10/08  
Work Package 3: Document Clustering
Objective: Use of document clustering software and integration into NaCTeM pipeline   01/02/07 31/07/07  
T3.1 Customisation of document clustering software D3.1 Customised Tool 01/02/07 30/04/07  
T3.2 Integration of document clustering software into pipeline D3.2 Prototype Document Clustering Demonstrator 01/05/07 31/07/07  
Milestone One
Work Package 4: Information Extraction
Objective: Customisation of existing text mining tools for social science applications   01/05/07 31/12/07  
T4.1 Adaptation of named entity recogniser D4.1 Customised NER tool 01/05/07 31/06/07  
T4.2 Adaptation of chunker D4.2 Customised chunker tool 01/07/07 31/08/07  
T4.3 Customisation of shallow parser D4.3 Customised shallow parser 01/09/07 31/10/07  
T4.4 Prototype Information Extraction Demonstrator D4.4 Prototype IE Demonstrator 01/11/07 31/01/08  
Milestone Two
Work Package 5: Summarisation
Objective: Development of a scalable summarisation engine; integration into existing NaCTeM infrastructure   01/09/07 31/07/08  
T5.1 Development of 1st prototype summarisation engine D5.1 Version 1 of Summarisation Engine 01/09/07 31/01/08  
Milestone Three
T5.2 Scaling up engine and evaluation D5.2 Version 2 of Summarisation Engine 01/02/08 30/04/08  
T5.3 Integration of summarisation engine into text mining pipeline D5.3 Version 3 of Summarisation Engine 01/05/08 31/07/08  
Work Package 6: Service Exemplar
Objective: Development of service exemplar which demonstrates the full capabilities of the summarisation tool   01/03/08 30/11/08  
T6.1 Prototpye Service for summarisation tool using requirements analysis D6.1 Prototype Service 01/12/07 31/08/08  
Milestone Four
T6.2 Service Exemplar for summarisation tool using modification based on evaluation D6.2 Service Exemplar 01/09/08 30/11/08  
Work Package 7: Dissemination
Objective: Development of a Roadmap for availability of summarisation service, presenting work to conferences, organisation of a workshop   01/12/06 30/11/08  
T7.1 Integrate the project into the NaCTeM web site D7.1 Project Web Site 01/12/06 28/02/07 Ongoing
T7.2 Organise a workshop D7.2 Workshop 01/08/08 31/10/08  
Work Package 8: Support for the Community Call
Objective: Promote text mining through dissemination activities and engagement with user groups   01/12/06 30/11/08 Ongoing
T8.1 Community Call for Text Mining tools in Scoial Sciences D8.1 Community Call 01/08/07 30/11/07  
T8.2 Engage with community D8.2 Prepare joint proposals 01/12/07 30/11/08