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Web Service GroupBOOTSTrepWP03Toolkit
Web Service NameUoM Smart Dictionary Lookup Tool v1.0.1
Web Service URI
AuthorDr. Yutaka Sasaki, PhD, University of Manchester
FunctionLookup term variations of a given gene/protein name based on an automatically trained similarity measure
Usage Argument=SPECIES&SubscriptionID=ID

Input = term to find variations

Argument = species name (HUMAN, MOUSE, E.COLI, YEAST, DROSOPHILA)

SubscriptionID = (for future use)


Output = list of the following XML entry
<MLDIC id="ID" entry="TERM" prob="PROBABILITY"/>

Example Gene/protein names that are similar to human "NF-Kappa B" would be:
<MLDIC id="P19838" word="NF-kappa-B" prob="0.92"/>
<MLDIC id="Q8N5F7" word="NKAP" prob="0.75"/>
<MLDIC id="O00221" word="NF-kappa-BIE" prob="0.62"/>
<MLDIC id="O00221" word="I-kappa-B-epsilon" prob="0.48"/>
sample client code in Perl (alpha version)
WSDL (2.0) mldic.wsdl (alpha version)

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Last updated: 28 April 2009
by Y. Sasaki, Text Mining Group, School of Computer Science, University of Manchester