We announce the release of U-Compare 2.0 an integrated text mining/natural language processing system based on the UIMA Framework, which provides access to a large collection of ready-to-use, interoperable, natural language processing components. U-Compare allows users to build complex NLP workflows from these components via an easy drag-and-drop interface, and makes visualisation and comparison of the outputs of these workflows simple.

U-Compare 2.0 introduces:

U-Compare has moved to a new web site: In the download section you will find:

  • U-Compare 2.0: Standalone version of U-Compare platform 2.0
  • U-Compare Web Application Framework 1.0:  For deploying U-Compare workflows as web services in your own servers. Alternatively you can use NaCTeM’s servers.
  • U-Compare Type System 1.0: For developing your own U-Compare components.
For more information see the Documentation section:
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