Deploying U-Compare workflows as web services

We extend U-Compare to automatically convert standalone workflows into web services via a two-click process. The resulting web services can be registered on a central server and made publicly available. Alternatively, users can make web services available on their own servers, after installing the U-Compare Web Application Framework. Using the proposed framework, workflows can be made available as a URL link and run in any web browser, without any extra processing power requirements. They can also be linked with any application via the web service interface.

Export and Share U-Compare workflows as web services

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Once you have designed a U-Compare workflow that you want to deploy as a web service, select Export workflow as a web service from U-Compare’s menu.

Export workflow as a web service

From the dialogue that appears, you need to fill out a name for the web service and optionally some metadata (e.g., related publications). You also need to specify the URL of the server that hosts the U-Compare Web Application Framework. If you have not installed U-Compare Web Application Framework on a server, you can use NaCTeM’s server to deploy your services (default option).

Configure web service form.
Then click the “create web service” button and wait for U-Compare to configure your web service.

Once U-Compare is done, it will automatically redirect you to the newly created web service. Each web service features a standard web service API for programmatic access and a human-readable web interface.

U-Compare web service.

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