Developing your own components

U-Compare can run any UIMA component.

If you are new to UIMA, please refer to UIMA developers’ guide on how to implement your own UIMA components.

However, an external UIMA component will not be U-Comparable (i.e., it will not be able to interact with U-Compare’s components) unless it inherits U-Compare’s Type System.
To make your UIMA component U-Comparable, all you have to do is to import U-Compare’s Type System in your UIMA descriptor file.

Snapshot of a UIMA descriptor file, inheriting U-Compare's Type System

Once your component is U-Comparable, you can import it directly to U-Compare’s library using the import mechanism.

U-Compare's import mechanism

You component will appear under the category Custom Components and it will be ready to use in U-Compare’s pipelines.

U-Compare's custom components

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