welcome to u-compare

What is U-Compare?

U-Compare is an integrated text mining/natural language processing system based on the UIMA Framework.

For any UIMA component, an integrated system of

  • GUI for easy drag-and-drop workflow (UIMA CPE/component descriptor) creation
  • comparison by U-Compare parallel component
  • evaluation, statistics and visualizations
  • no installation required, click "Start U-Compare" button below to try U-Compare now!
[See step by step User Guide, and Developer Guide].

The world largest repository of ready-to-use interoperable UIMA components

  • fully compatible with the U-Compare type system
  • just drag-and-drop to use via the integrated system
  • but also available from any UIMA workflow
  • even available in non-UIMA applications via command-line call without GUIs

[See list of Comonents, the U-Compare type system.]

Try U-Compare Now

Click this button to immediately launch the U-Compare system:

U-Compare is deployed by Java Web Start.

System requirements: Java 6 update 12 or later (Windows, Linux).
You can easily install Java or confirm your Java version from java.com.

If any trouble starting U-Compare, please try UCLoader. If U-Compare takes more than two mnutes to start, your OS/Java versions might be wrong.

[See How to Launch for details. Please feel free to Contact us directly for anything.]

Video Tutorial Available for First U-Compare Users
Click icons (movie QuickTime required, or YouTube).

What's New

2009 Jul 21. Version 1.1.3.

New Comonents: NaCTeM Species Word Detector, morpha, extractabbrev, NaCTeM Species Disambiguator.from Nactem.
ABNER with User Model, NLPBA reader, BioCreative1a reader, BIO (IOB) reader/writer, wrapped by U-Compare.
Annotation Viewer shows comparison groups precisely.. Other debugs.

2009 Jul 21. Documentation Updated.

Updated almost all of the pages in this site, except for the Developer Guide (to be updated)..

2009 May 27. Version 1.1.2

Updated to version 1.1.2. FIX: Language Capability option in Input Text Reader was not working.

2009 May 21. Version 1.1.1

Updated to version 1.1.1. CHANGE: Input Text Reader has Language Capability option. FIX: fixed text encoding bug. FIX: problem using external type system.

2009 May 16. Video Tutorial

A video tutorial available for the first time U-Compare users.

2009 May 13. UCLoader, Website (Launch U-Compare/Link)

Provides new launcher system, UCLoader, faster and in a command line way. See Launch U-Compare page for details. Link page has also updated.

2009 May 4. Publication

Kano, Yoshinobu, William A. Baumgartner Jr., Luke McCrohon, Sophia Ananiadou, K. Bretonnel Cohen, Lawrence Hunter and Jun'ichi Tsujii U-Compare: share and compare text mining tools with UIMA. Bioinformatics 2009 (in press); doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btp289 abstract (journal website) pdf bib enl

See Publications page for details.

2009 Apr 30, system

U-Compare released a major update, Version 1.1.0, includes many new features, new components, bugfixes.

  • U-Compare now uses directory [user.home]/.U-Compare, instead of [user.home]/U-Compare. Automatically renames the old directory when the new directory does not exist.
  • Results of U-Compare parallel workflows are not compatible with the previous versions due to the new evaluation pluggable system, loading such old results will fail. Sorry for the inconvenience.
We will notify about the new features and components here, when we update corresponding documents.
Forum location has been moved, please check if you linked to the forum articles directly.

History of Updates available.