New semantic search engine for biomedical literature


We are pleased to announce the release of Thalia, a new semantic search engine for biomedical literature.

Thalia recognises eight different types of biomedical concepts, and is updated from PubMed on a daily basis.

Thalia is further described in the following article:

Axel J Soto, Piotr Przybyła and Sophia Ananiadou (2018).Thalia: Semantic search engine for biomedical abstracts Bioinformatics


While publication rate of the biomedical literature has been growing steadily during the last decades, the accessibility of pertinent research publications for biologist and medical practitioners remains a challenge. This paper describes Thalia, which is a semantic search engine that can recognize eight different types of concepts occurring in biomedical abstracts. Thalia is available via a web-based interface or a RESTful API. A key aspect of our search engine is that it is updated from PubMed on a daily basis. We describe here the main building blocks of our tool as well as an evaluation of the retrieval capabilities of Thalia in the context of a precision medicine dataset.

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