Biomedical Text Mining Training, 27th-29th October 2010


A Biomedical Text Mining Training event will be held at the the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) in Hinxton, Cambridge on 27th-29th October 2010.

The teaching will be done by a selection of well-reputed researchers from EBI, NaCTeM (Sophia Ananiadou), NLM (Olivier Bodenreider), and University of Zurich (Fabio Rinaldi).

The training covers the following topics:

  • composition, use and exploitation of biological and medical terminological resources
  • theory and practice of information retrieval and information extraction
  • existing solutions for biomedical text mining (Whatizit, UIMA, )
  • standard corpora, TM challenges, evaluation of TM results
  • development of ontological resources, fact representation in the Semantic Web
  • biomedical knowledge discovery from the scientific literature, success stories

The course has been taught on a regular basis every six months now for the past two years. This event features a larger number of speakers from different sites and is aligned with the SMBM 2010 conference at the EBI.

The training is free of charge, with the exception of a possible workshop dinner.

Further details are available here.

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