Text Mining Hands-on course and Training Seminar - 5th-6th October 2009


The European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) and the National Centre for Text Mining (University of Manchester) are organising a joint training event at the EBI (Hinxton, near Cambridge) The purpose of this event is to teach basic techniques in information retrieval (IR) and information extraction (IE) in the biomedical domain and to give hands-on training on existing solutions provided by the two centres.

Who should attend: Biomedical researchers, biocurators, bioinformaticians, medical informaticians and any other researcher active in biomedical research.

Registration: Until September 10th, 2009


  • Learn how to use existing text mining solutions
  • Understand basic text mining techniques and get an overview of underlying technologies
  • Appreciate the variety of text mining components and the contexts in which they are used individually and in combination
  • Interact with text miners to express needs for future developments

Please go to for full details of course programme and how to register.

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