LAW-VII & ID Challenge

The 7th Linguistic Annotation Workshop & Interoperability with Discourse (LAW-VII & ID)

ACL Workshop, Sofia, August 8-9, 2013

Workshop website:

This year's workshop continues the tradition of the LAW Challenge, established last year, which provides funding for travel etc. to the individual or team that best meets a set of criteria. This year, the judges will give special consideration to papers closely related to the workshop theme, i.e.,

(1) integrating functional discourse annotation from one or more corpora with other types of annotation; and

(2) demonstrating how interoperability can increase the understanding of the discourse.

However, all papers addressing annotation interoperability or integration will be considered.

Challenge submissions will be evaluated by members of the LAW-VII & ID program committee. Based on their recommendations, one paper will receive an award of up to US $2500 to cover the author's (or authors') travel expenses, including air fare, local ground transportation, hotel for one or two nights, and workshop registration. These expenses are subject to NSF guidelines (details will be provided to award recipients). All papers accepted for the challenge will be presented and included in the LAW-VII & ID proceedings.

Shared Task

In the context of the challenge we have created an optional shared task to promote the comparison, alignment and interoperability of discourse annotation schemes between them and also between other annotation schemes. The shared task uses scientific texts as a testbed and involves working with annotations of a set of scientific corpora.

We will shortly be releasing a platform for the dissemination of such corpora, so that the same character offsets are used, and in formats compatible with visualisation and annotation comparison tools. We will also be sharing the corresponding annotation guidelines and annotation tools.