Call for papers

We invite papers reporting on tools and resources that support the application of NLP and text mining to various textual biomedical and clinical information sources in different languages. The workshop will focus on the resources themselves, as well as on issues relating to their usability (e.g., design guidelines, standards for building resources, storage and exchange formats, interoperability issues, evaluation, etc.) and on the different ways in which they are being employed by applications and tools to facilitate information access.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • NLP and text mining tools for biomedical or clinical applications
  • Design and construction of biomedical and clinical resources for various languages: controlled vocabularies, terminologies, ontologies, corpora, multi-lingual resources
  • Semi-automatic and/or collaborative methods for the update, evolution, extension or enrichment of resources
  • Evaluation and comparison of tools and resources
  • Adaptation of tools and resources to new sub-domains, text types or languages
  • Interoperability of resources and standards
  • Tools for the exploration of resources